Your staff, cared for.

Talent Assist by Tallio is everything you need to support, grow, and recognize your staff. Take care of them, so they can take care of your customers.

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Empower your team, wherever they are.

The right people in your organization want to provide a great experience to your customers, grow, and add value. But often, they don't have enough training, resources, or support to provide their best level of service.

Talent Assist by Tallio helps any team member by providing them with the communication, resources, and guidance on how to be a better team member within your organization.

We make your team communication and feedback effortless.

Communicate with anyone, anytime.

Have something you need to share with your team? Need to confirm it's been read? Talent Assist has you covered.

You can quickly share announcements, industry news, training content and more across your company. You can target specific teams, locations, or divisions with any communication to help keep staff informed.

Improve transparency and knowledge share across all staff for improved culture, and retention.

Home health employee engagement software
Collect feedback from your staff, automagically.

Less questions and more answers. Say goodbye to time consuming annual surveys and hello to insights and actionable data.

Science-backed questions give you insights into 6 areas of your business. Leadership, Management & Team, Training & Tools, and Work & Role are just a few.

Have a special initiative you want feedback on? We can incorporate your dynamic questions directly into the Talent Assist platform for customized reporting and feedback.

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Foster your culture

It's tough to build a culture across multiple locations. It's even tougher when your team is rarely in the office together. That's why Talent Assist is designed to be your company's social tool.

Designed to mirror other apps your staff use in their personal lives, Talent Assist helps your staff build a sense of community and culture even if they don't see each other everyday.

Start a conversation with staff, poll them about company events, and recognize them for their contribution to keep staff connected and engaged.

Home Health Communication and engagement
Take action on deep insights

Talent Assist is your company's 6th sense to know where you should focus your attention to improve your business.

How effective is your training for your nurses vs aides vs marketing staff? How are your managers performing across two different branches? These questions are answered for you so you can focus on solving the right challenges within your business.

Your leadership team receives personalized insights within Talent Assist so you know exactly how your business is performing in real time.

Home health engagement reporting

Invest in your team, the numbers speak for themselves.

Communication, feedback, insights and action are only the beginning. We're partnering with innovative organizations to help improve and elevate their employee experience.


of employees rank employee engagement as very important to achieving overall organizational success.
via HBR - The Impact of Employee Engagement on Performance


of employees believe that culture is a potential competitive advantage.
via Deloitte - Global Human Capital Trends survey


increase in their customer ratings by organizations who have engaged employees.
via Gallup -State of the American Workplace
Case Study: Improved caregiver satisfaction by 40%

Talent Assist has helped NCHHHA increase their employee satisfaction by 40% and their agency improved from last to first within their health system for staff satisfaction and communication. Their goal of providing a better work experience and improving communication to their field staff is now simpler to achieve than ever.

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