Tallio Announces the Leadership Letter - Inside the minds of healthcare’s top thought leaders.

November 1, 2019

Jacksonville, FL - November 1, 2019 - Tallio introduces the Leadership Letter - a free publication designed to explore top performers, investors, researchers, and policymakers about the strategies and insights that drive the innovation of healthcare in the home. Published quarterly, the Leadership Letter is led by Matt Challberg, CEO of Tallio - a provider of home health employee communication and engagement software. Challberg sets out to interview these individuals to extract the behaviors, decision-making, and perspectives they have to offer. The Q4 Leadership Letter features Paul Kusserow, Chairman and CEO of Amedisys, diving into Amedisys’ recent partnership with ClearCare and their leadership team dynamics. The Letter’s inaugural interview captured the insights of April Anthony, CEO of Encompass, with a focus on leadership, company culture, and strategic vision.

“We created the Leadership Letter because there are thought leaders that have tremendous passion, knowledge, and experience on how to lead organizations through challenging and dynamic markets. There’s an opportunity to open-source knowledge from a variety of people with diverse backgrounds and package it in a way that’s useful, and most importantly, actionable,” said Matt Challberg.

The Leadership Letter presents the opportunity to learn from one another with hopes to position home health as an employment destination while sharing ideas for better patient care.

Media Contact

Matt Challberg

Phone: 407.504.2425

Email: press@tallio.co

About Tallio

Tallio is a home health technology company focused on creating a better work experience for remote teams. The software and app provide a lightweight communication tool with deep insights into the health of an organization by not only focusing on communication from the top-down but also the feedback loop from the bottom up. Staff stay more connected, informed, and are provided a voice through the platform. Tallio’s mission is to elevate human potential through use of technology. For more information, visit www.tallio.co.

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