Tallio introduces a free version of Talent Assist to help healthcare organizations with COVID-19

March 30, 2020

Jacksonville, FL - March 30, 2019 - Tallio, a leader in healthcare employee engagement and communication for distributed and mobile workforces, announced today the launch of a free version of their Talent Assist employee communication platform. This version is designed to help healthcare providers improve organizational communication and the flow of critical information during the dynamic COVID-19 crisis.

The Talent Assist mobile application is available for iOS and Android and can be deployed across every employee within a healthcare organization immediately. This gives an organization a communication solution right away to ensure all staff are able to receive critical updates. The platform provides alerts and push notifications when sharing important and time-sensitive information. Organizational leaders are able to verify their messages are distributed to their staff quickly and easily.

"Getting messages out to employees is critical during this time. In the healthcare setting, events are changing hourly. It's imperative that every person within an organization knows what's going on and what their company is doing to address the situation." said Matt Challberg, CEO of Tallio.

The free version of Talent Assist is available to any healthcare provider. Talent Assist makes mass communication to a federated or distributed workforce easy, reliable, and consistent. The platform provides verification of viewed information to ensure that communications are being effectively consumed. Staff can respond with questions in an easy to use interface eliminating the need for long, complex, email chains.

Any healthcare organization using Talent Assist will be able to elicit feedback to address issues or concerns that their staff may have. "Knowing what your team needs during this time is important for their safety and wellbeing. Our feedback solution is included in the free platform to allow organizations to understand what their staff needs in a timely manner. Anything from supplies to support, we can deliver the needs directly to leadership." said Matt Challberg.

Talent Assist for COVID-19 Includes:

  • Free, unlimited user licenses for healthcare providers
  • Dedicated mobile applications (iOS and Android)
  • Information and content delivery to all staff
  • Push notifications and alerts
  • Verification of viewed content
  • Dynamic responses via commenting system
  • Real-time Q&A system to understand staffing needs

To sign up your organization for Talent Assist for COVID-19, please contact Tallio at 407-504-2425 or email at hello@tallio.co

For more information visit tallio.co/covid-19

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